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Control Of Your Portfolio

We specialise in brokering alternative property investment from the UK and Continental Europe. It is our mission to give you direct access to superior alternative property investments.

Investing Made Easy

Friendly, helpful and above all approachable, we make investing easy for our clients, explaining investment options clearly and simply, so you can make informed decisions.

Reducing Dependence On Volatile Markets

We make it a straightforward process for you to reduce your dependence on volatile financial markets and increase your returns.

FPML Alternatives Ltd was founded by Ron Jehu and Craig Lamb, who have run a successful property business together for over 15 years.

The mission of our company is to provide our clients and personal friends the opportunity to lend money to one of our other companies L & J Properties (Manchester) Limted and to receive a higher interest rate that they would receive from mainstream banking.

The opportunities that are offered by our company offer varying rates of return dependent on either the amount lent to the company or the level of risk associated with some of the investments undertaken by L & J Properties (Manchester) Limited.

To ensure that the process is made easy for our clients, we will provide a full explanation of each investment option clearly and simply, so you can make an informed decision.